The Hydration Pack of This Generation


Anti-Theft Festival Guideline Approved


Anti-Theft Festival Guideline Approved


Easily change your look in second.

Anti Theft Design!
The Fastest & Easiest Refill System!
Light Up The Night With LEDs!
Customizable! Easily Change The Look In Seconds!
Festival Security Guideline Approved!

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The Anti Theft
Hydration Backpack

The RaveRunner hydration pack was built to keep your valuables safe while at music festivals! With no exterior pockets the only way to access your valuables is through the hidden zippers in the panel that rests against your back!

Have items you need to get to quickly? The straps feature hidden pockets for your cards/ID/cash and a large pouch to keep your phone within reach and always in front of you.

The RaveRunner is constructed with slash-proof nylon so you dont have to worry about it getting cut open to access your valuables. This also makes it extremely durable!

The Official Hydration Pack Of:

Spend Less Time Trying

To Refill & More Time Dancing

Are you still having to remove the bladder from your hydration bag? With a RaveRunner you no longer have to remove the hydration bladder from your pack to refill.

The refill port is on the exterior of the pack. With one quick twist you can remove the cap and start refilling the 2-liter bladder with ease!

The quick access refill cap makes us so easy to refill that we are faster to refill than our competitors (even when their bladder capacity is half the size)!

Hassle Free Filling

Custom Print
Your Favorite Design

We are all about self expression! Every RaveRunner has the ability to change looks and styles with ease. If you are looking for an athletic look then go skinless. Or if you need to change the look of your RaveRunner hydration pack simply zip on a new skin. Skins measure 12 inches, 8 inches wide at the top and taper to 5 inches wide at the bottom.

Our print process use sublimation on neoprene for photo quality prints on a durable fabric. The top of the skin does not zip shut creating a pouch to access the bladder that also doubles as an extra pocket.

Easy To Use Custom Skin Builder



Your RaveRunner

Whats your favorite color? Every RaveRunner is prelooped for LED wire. All you have to do is find out what pattern you like.

The LED wire system features a safety to cut power if moisture is present, saving the device. It is battery powered and features 3 modes (continous one, strobe, and sound reactive). The battery housing and switch compartment is stored inside the packs main compartment keeping it safe.

Light Up Your RaveRunner

Light Up
The Dancefloor

Our Underglow system is a sound reactive disco ball that attaches to the bottom of your RaveRunner hydration pack. It creates a light show at your feet making where ever your are an instant dance party. It often gets called “the instant friend magnet” because it everyone wants to dance with you!

Don’t worry, it is securely fastened in a strong velcro housing so you wont worry about it falling off or detaching.

Run The Dancefloor


What To Keep In Your Hydration Pack

Customize Your Rave

RunnerHydration Pack

Music festivals are meant to be fun. Nothing ruins the fun more than having your phone, wallet, or other items stolen. Even worse, is dehydration and having to miss a day of the festival to recover. The RaveRunner hydration pack was designed by festival enthusiats for festival enthusiats. Maximize your fun and minimize your worries by getting a RaveRunner hydration pack today.

Run The Dancefloor

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