The RaveRunner Story

How We Built A Hydration Pack For A Whole Generation

Our Brand

In developing a brand, we believe it is important to have core values and beliefs that resonate with other people like us. In creating this business, we did not force ourselves to think of a company so that we were able to make money. Neither do we believe there should be much personal social glory out of creating a brand. In fact, GenZ was almost created by accident. We are outdoor enthusiasts, party people, and endurance athletes. Each of these events or somehow related, whether they be physically, emotionally, or mentally. If you go up to anyone that looks to be around the age of 22 and ask them if they participate in any three of these activities I guarantee they would say yes. 


Founder, Ryan Lange, is a perfect example as what it means to be a GenZ. After being overweight in his late teens, he wanted to make a change in his life and began running. Weighing in at 235 pounds, running did not come easy. Two to three miles was nothing short of exhausting. With seeing result fast, Ryan became addicted to getting faster and thinner. After his first marathon, Ryan was not done with just 26.2. The process of training very hard, and crossing the finish line was satisfying. Ryan quickly found a passion for running which lead him to his first 50-mile endurance run. Here he learned the important of nutrition as he only ate one packet of nut butter over 9:45 of running. Moving onto the 100 mile distance Ryan learned the mental battle of what running really is. Mental training now became a priority over physical training. With nothing to lose Ryan wanted to shoot for the stars and try a 238 mile foot-race. With the aright attitude and adequate training Ryan was able to become the youngest person to ever run 200+ miles non-stop in the 2017 Moab 240. After doing so, people began to reach out and ask how he stood motivated, stayed injury-free, and stayed focused. After helping a multitude of people, Ryan found his first passion in life. This was helping other people succeed. While continuing to stress to others that he is nothing but average and anyone can do what he does, he found how he was able to give tips and tricks to others aspiring for the same success. Watching other people find success almost became more valuable to Ryan than his own success. It feels good to see others improve because of your influence. 


With a love for burning calories Ryan has found a love for music festivals. Ever since he was 14 he had been attending to find the good beats to dance to and have nobody around to judge. Along with his quest for good music, Ryan stumbled upon other people that were at these festivals for the same reason. It was easy to see why the festival scene was so attractive. Everyone there wants to do nothing but have a good time. Festivals became more than just an outlet for fun. They became a place that Ryan went to find other people like himself.


While being a big-time snowboarder, and avid motor-cross rider Ryan has had much experience in the outdoors. With that came on common occurrence, Ryan was always wearing a hydration backpack. Whether it’s dancing at mainstage, re-fueling at a pit stop or running through the mountains, he seemed to have spent more time in a hydration pack than not. While wearing something on his back, he was able to find every and all benefits of your average hydration pack. After a while, he was also able to spot the flaws with both high-end and low-end packs.

The brand was born

Through all of this time in the outdoors Ryan was able to meet others like himself that have consistently found themselves experiencing common problems. This brought about a team of young individuals that found themselves at events where they can bring the energy and have a blast doing so. By solving problems for just themselves, the team quickly realized that they were not alone. Their problems were consistent with all other communities. While having the experience of going through serious physical pain and mental stress in endurance events and having a very close tie to the festival community, GenZ was born. The quest to help people of this generation improve their time spent outdoors had begun…..