How Plastic Bottles At Music Festival Effect The Environment

You might be planning to attend a festival this summer, chances are you will use plastic while you’re at the event. But have you ever asked yourself where those plastics end up after the festival? I am sure you don’t because it is easy to just forget about it as soon as you toss it in the trash. It is ultimately up to you to use less plastic during an event, and these eye-opening statistics may sway you into using much less.

More than one million single-use plastic bottles were sold at one single music event in 2018. That was just one event! Imagine the magnitude of pollution caused just during that weekend. If all international events are taken into consideration, that means billions of plastic bottles were disposed of. The plastics find their way to the ocean and agricultural land and takes millions of years to decompose. Burning of the bottles as a means of disposing results to pollution of the atmosphere as they release greenhouse gases.

Now we must say, there have been many event promoters aiming to ban single-use plastics. One promotional company leading the way is LiveNation, which hosts some of the largest festivals in the world. The promoters leading the green movement hope to ban the use of single-use plastics by 2021. the ban includes plastic straws, food trays, and water bottles.

There are many alternatives to reducing environmental pollution; here are a few suggestions to reduce plastic waste.

Bring a Hydration Pack

The Sustainable Concerts Working Group (SCWG) which is a multiplatform agency for artists including the notable Jack Jackson and his team came up with the BYOBottle (Bring Your Own Bottle) idea which aims at reducing the number of one-use plastics in events and festivals. The idea promotes the use of reusable water bottles and hydration backpacks. The organization also encourages music venues to promote a green environment by providing refill stations for fans, and recycling bins for those who wish to continue using one-use bottles.

The Sustainable Concerts Working Group (SCWG) is an organization that collects music industry leaders who promote environmental sustainability in the community through music. The organization brings together music artists, venues, festival promoters, and fans to do their part in creating a green environmental movement. The organization perspective is to be a global coalition that promotes environmental awareness.

Use of plant-based water bottles

LiveNation plans to test plant-based water bottles this year in Europe as a means of environmental sustainability. Most European festivals are already committed to ditching single-use plastic bottles. The plant-based bottles are biodegradable and cause little to no effect on the environment, unlike the plastic water bottles. Plant bottles can be made into cooler shapes for aesthetic appeal.

Ban on the use of straws during music festivals

We have seen a big push in the use of metal straws lately, and it’s for a good reason. Straws are very small in size compared to other plastic materials such as bottles, but they cause environmental pollution nonetheless. I am sure many of you have seen the infamous video of a sea turtle getting a straw ripped out of his nose. If festivals ban the use of straws, although it wouldn’t make a huge difference, it will bring us one step closer to resolving the plastic overuse problems.

Artists and fans are encouraged to be passionate about environmental conservation. Advocacy should start at home where you can speak with your local stores that host festivals to embrace the green environment initiative. This includes other environmental practices such as the use of recyclable packaging materials and bagging options. The more businesses that embrace going green, the more we will save the environment from both the soil and air pollution.

Involve the government in the conservation of the environment

Government agencies can create campaigns that are desired to reduce the use of plastics; most countries have enacted regulations that reduce the over-reliance on plastics. Some have banned completely the packaging of goods using plastic materials. The recent London marathon saw the use of capsules that can easily decompose; the capsule membrane is made of decomposable algae material.

Use take out utensils

Yes, this may sound crazy, but if you can remember to bring a fan, chapstick, and sunscreen, you can remember to bring biodegradable/reusable utensils with you. When attending festivals you live on a minimalist lifestyle. So this shouldn’t be hard to do! this is one of the ways of having an eco-friendly nomad lifestyle.

  • As the world continues to find a solution to plastic waste. festival attendees remain some of the highest consumers. Celebrities, together with government officials, are working towards enact laws that reduce the wastes to the environment to minimize pollution as possible. The environmental impact already indicates that it is omnipotent for plastic pollution to be reduced for the benefit of the environment.
  • With minimum pollution, the ecosystem is well maintained; this includes a reduction in littering of the marine system that results in the thriving of the fish. Plastic pollution has led to the death of whales that eat plastics as well as other animals that choke from plastic pollution. Moreover, the plastic damage to the agricultural soils leading to poor agricultural yields and unsustainable food production.

Efforts to reduce plastic pollution in the environment during festivals can create a great impact on the environment. Artist, together with social groups and government agencies, can play an important role in reducing the number of bottles that get to the sea.

By bringing a hydration pack, packing your own utensils, and simply choosing to not use plastics, your festival footprint will decrease enormously. Chances are you will be rewarded with good Karma for the next event you attend. Which is what all of us cannot get enough of!

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