How To Stay Hydrated At A Music Festival

Music festival season is finally here, and with numerous shows to choose from, it is not unusual for some music fans to get excited and forget about the essential things that they should bring and do for them to enjoy the festivals to the fullest. For instance, dehydration is a common problem that people attending music festivals have to contend with, and failure to take deliberate steps to stay hydrated can have devastating effects your health and mood, and consequently, hinder you from having fun. With years of experience on the trails and festival grounds, we created a perfect gameplan for you to follow

Drink a lot of water (Duh…)

Drinking a lot of water is probably the most obvious way of staying hydrated. While beverages and food from outside may be banned in some events, almost every music festival allows you to bring in a hydration pack. Carry around a water bottle is not only annoying, but it’s old school. Start the day by drinking a lot of water and continue sipping as often as you can throughout the day.

Pro Tip: Don’t wait until you are thirsty to start drinking. Your body will actually tell you your thirsty way after you actually begin to become dehydrated.

Drink Electrolytes

There are many kinds of fruits that are largely comprised of water. Although fruits are great, most festivals allow you to bring in unopened packs of electrolytes. Throughout our ultramarathons, we have tested MANY different electrolytes to find out which ones settle well in our stomach and which ones taste well.

Liquid IV is our number one choice. Packed with all the micronutrients and some organic sugars to add some calories, you will be sure to never cramp up while busting out your best moves. If you want a smaller option, try Hammer Fizz tablets. They are small enough to fit in any pocket of your RaveRunner!

Eat Veggies

Music festivals usually have a great variety of food vendors, and you will definitely find something tasty to eat. However, for the purpose of music festival hydration, it is wise to go for a nice healthy salad. Salads are an excellent option due to their nutritional value in addition to their ability to enhance your water intake. You also won’t have to deal with a super full stomach. Dancing with a bacon cheeseburger in your gut is not ideal. Cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables rich in water can go a long way in helping you to stay hydrated.

Avoid Alcohol

Music festivals are typically enormous parties complete with alcohols and other types of drugs. Although drinking alcohol is almost given for most people going to music festivals, it is one of the things you have to avoid if you want to stay hydrated. If you are not interested in dancing and you are planning just to sit around, you can have a drink or two (pace yourself!) However, if you want to dance and move around a lot, then you would better stick with your electrolyte filled RaveRunner. You do not want to end up having to take a seat while your favorite artist is about to throw down.

Eat Fruits With Plenty Of Water

You are likely going to be constantly moving at the music festival; running around, hula hooping, and dancing. Therefore, it is wise you take sports drinks, also known as electrolytes, to stay hydrated. Electrolytes are also effective in keeping you balanced by maintaining the required levels of sodium in your blood. We usually plan for a smoothy run mid-way through the day.

Overall, it is apparent that dehydration is a major challenge encountered by people attending music festivals. Therefore, if you are planning to go to a music festival this summer, you have to take deliberate steps to ensure that your music festival hydration pack has what it takes to keep you hydrated and energetic throughout the event. If you are looking for an excellent music festival hydration park, the athletes and party enthusiasts at GenZ have you covered. We have a variety of top quality hydration packs designed for comfort, security, and class. Get in touch with us today for a customized hydration pack for you to attend music festivals in style.

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