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RaveRunner Hydration Pack – Black


The anti-theft, customizable, easily re-fillable hydration pack with underglow, detachable lights, and hidden pockets. Always know your valuables are safe with inverted zippers that only the wearer can access and slash proof ripstop nylon! Customize your RaveRunner hydration pack by adding EL Wire and our sound reactive UnderGlow Disco Ball. Further customize with our artist series skins or upload your own image and print a detachable skin with your favorite image!

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Secure Inverted Zippers &
Ripstop Nylon


Lightweight With Secure Padded Straps
Pockets In Easy To Reach Locations


Customizable Design – Print Your Own Skin
Add EL Wire & Underglow


No More Removing Hydration Bladders,
Quick Access Hydration Bladder System


• Backpack dimensions: 16 x 9.5 x 3 inches

• Main Compartment: 12 x 4 x 3 inches

• Hydration Bladder: 12 x 12 x 3 inches

• 2 shoulder strap mesh pouches

• 2 side panel mesh pouches

• Back panel pocket

When you’re having a blast enjoying the music at your favorite festival, The last thing you want to do is stop so you can stand in a super long drink line to fill up your hydration pack.

With the RaveRunner hydration pack, you can securely carry everything you need including 2-liters of water in this theftproof & customizable hydration backpack to your next festival adventure.

Whether going to the gym, on a hike or to a music festival, this hydration pack is the perfect accessory.

There are two main storage compartments, one for your belongings and one for your liquid. Both are a nice large size for plenty of storage.

The bladder for your liquids has an easy access external refill point. You can fill the bladder with up to 2L of water. This is plenty to keep you hydrated through your favorite artist’s set or miles into your run. You can also completely remove the bladder for easy cleaning.

When it comes to the storage compartment, your belongings are completely safe. First, the zippers are inverted; this prevents anyone from opening them without you knowing… You are unable to access the main compartment without taking the entire backpack off. Paired with splashproof nylon, this combination is extremely durable and theftproof. Allowing you to focus on the festival (or your run) and not on your backpack and the people behind you.

We understand that there are some things you want easy access to. After all, it would be annoying to take the backpack off every time you wanted your phone. To address this, there are 2 shoulder strap mesh pockets, 2 side panel pockets, and a hidden shoulder pocket.

The mesh pockets are perfect for quick and easy access to your phone, sunglasses, or whatever else you put in them. The hidden pocket is ideal for your chapstick or credit cards. Keep your wallet, car keys, and other valuables in the back panel.

The panel on the front of your backpack is plain white. That way you can design your artwork and make the bag a one of a kind personal expression.

You can choose one of the predesigned skins from the artist series, or you can upload your own design and print out a detachable skin. Now your backpack can have a custom look for each festival you attend.

There are two optional Velcro attachments you can use with this backpack. The first is a solar charger. This one will come in handy when your cell phone battery starts to die towards the end of the festival.

The other Velcro is for the UnderGlow. Trick out your backpack by adding the sound reactive UnderGlow Disco Ball.

You could use EL wire attachment and make the entire backpack light up! Take your favorite color of EL wire and thread it through the loops around the back panel, shoulder straps, and the main compartment.

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Dimensions3 × 9.5 × 16 in

15 reviews for RaveRunner Hydration Pack – Black

  1. Adam Harper (verified owner)

    Honestly it is pointless to buy any other hydration pack. I can’t say enough good things, not only is the raverunner team amazing and will go out of the way for everything you need, the product speaks for itself. I had so many compliments at EDC with my pack from the underglow to my custom skin which turned out amazing. The best part though was feeling safe that my stuff was not going to be stolen. I saw multiple people that had there packs open and they didn’t even notice and because of the raverunners pack style I had no worries about people getting at my things. Seriously don’t look at any other pack for festivals or in general if you need a hydro pack. I can’t wait to keep ordering more skins! Thanks again to the team at GenZ. You guys rock

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  2. godinez231 (verified owner)

    This RaveRunner is everything I’ve ever wanted in a Pack. I got mine for EDC and guys/gals,.. It was awesome. It had so much space for things to be stored. It itself was lightweight and had enough pockets to hold everything I had with me safely. Even my phone was safe with the shoulder strap mesh pouches and didn’t come out no matter how much dancing, jumping or headbanging I did. I got so many compliments about the ELWIRE and the UNDERGLOW. People loved it and so did I. It also held so much water that I’ve had to make fewer trips to refill stations. The material was light and didn’t wake me sweat like other packs have. OVERALL I give this RaveRunner a 100/100. Honestly one of the best products I’ve ever gotten and I’m about to buy another lol. This is the way to go. Get yours and see how amazing it is!

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  3. Anonymous

    I’ve never been more excited over a hydration pack. The under glow, flashing El wire, and trippy custom skin (I designed) makes me feel like a walking dance party. I get so many compliments and my friends can find me more easily because I’m lit up. On top of that I feel my belongings are secure because the main pockets are located on the inside against my back. The custom ski s are changeable so I plan on making different ones for each festival!

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  4. Robbie Ritter (verified owner)

    I’ve never been more excited over a hydration pack. The under glow, flashing El wire, and trippy custom skin (I designed) makes me feel like a walking dance party. I get so many compliments and my friends can find me more easily because I’m lit up. On top of that I feel my belongings are secure because the main pockets are located on the inside against my back. The custom skins are changeable so I plan on making different ones for each festival! I purchased the black version and love it

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  5. Darrionte (verified owner)

    I was so excited to take this to paradiso when i got it in the mail but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Man this thing is so dope and saved me so many times and issues while walking around the festival. Not only is the pack easy to fill but it has lots of places to store things and honestly has a lot of space for how small it is. Both times i entered the festival i hid my friends vapes inside as the venue doesnt let vapes in and both times easily got right through security with no questions. The people doing the bag checked looked at me confused because they were trying to figure out where the pockets were it was pretty funny. But honestly this thing is awesome everything seems to have been made from good quality and there is other places that charge more for hydration packs that don’t even have half as many good perks and benefits. My favorite part of the pack is how bright the lights are both the el wire and the light at the bottom. Constantly was losing my friends but they easily found me from the lights from the pack.

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  6. Rava

    Holy pockets!!! The RaveRunner literally has a place for everything you could possibly need at a festival PLUS you can conveniently store your phone right in the shoulder strap pocket, eliminating the frantic struggle to find your phone in the middle of your fave set. The best part about all the pockets? No one can access them without physically removing your RaveRunner from you aka no one can steal your precious possessions while you are having the time of your life. I always bring way too much stuff to a festival and I like that I can comfortably keep everything in my RaveRunner and also have peace of mind that my things are safe 🙂

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  7. Michael Rowe (verified owner)

    Seriously, the best hydration system that I have ever used. I have had it now for about two months I could not be happier. I use it currently for riding my bike and going to skateboard. Next weekend I am going to Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas and this is going to be the perfect rave accessory. Even more so with the slash proof nylon and the underglow so I can keep my mind on the festival and my worries left to the side. The is again, cannot wait to post pictures.

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  8. Caroline (verified owner)

    Such a great pack at multiple festivals. Easy to fill up, not too heavy, it holds a lot of stuff, and everything is secure – even the pocket on the front of the back you have to pull hard to open, so you know if someone is unzipping it. Never once worried about my stuff getting lost or stolen, and it fit enough stuff for three people at a festival. Straps adjust really well to fit me and my boyfriend who is much bigger than me. Also really easy to go through security with this bag, which was my one concern, but I had no problems. AMAZING customer service – I had a factory defect issue with my first RaveRunner, and they were beyond helpful and sent me a new one. Way better than any other hydration pack I’ve owned, and great ways to customize it. Going to order another one soon.

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    • ryan lange (store manager)

      Thanks so much Caroline. Happy to hear that the RaveRunner satisfies all needs at your festival! Hope to see you out there someday! Party on!

  9. Thomas C. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Perfect hydration pack for a day hike. Lightest pack I have ever owned, it decreased fatigue normally felt around 10 miles.

    Will recomend to friends.

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  10. Nicholas Laica (verified owner)

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    Mine came with a hole in the bladder. I ran into Ryan at hard summer and he informed me I’d be receiving a replacement when he got back to your HQ but nothing ever came Of it. Really hoping y’all will make it right and replace mine since I was a kickstarter.

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    • Tom Cozzens (verified owner)

      We apologize for the inconvenience and this getting lost in the shuffle from that weekend. Your email and message have been sent to the correct person who will be able to sort this out for you asap.

      – Thanks!

  11. Kevin Thong (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    It’s really good and I love it! Two things I would change is one a clip for the water valve it keeps hitting people when I’m moving around at a rave and two the hidden pocket is awesome but it’s too small for my iPhone 8 Plus if it could be a bit bigger to accommodate for bigger phones that’d be great

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  12. Steven (verified owner)

    I had high expectations for this hydration pack and was left both pleased and disappointed. The things I find great is the security of it, I felt that all of my stuff was safe inside the main compartment. Also the convenience of being about to fill the bladder without removing it was amazing. What I was a little disappointed with was the zipper for the hidden pocket kept creeping open since it zips up, if it were flipped do it zipped down it would fix that problem altogether and make me feel better about keeping my wallet in it. The bite valve for the bladder was super hard to activate and made drinking more difficult than I would’ve liked, if I can find a different bladder that still fits so I can fill from the outside I’m swapping it. Lastly the wire lights only fully shut off when you pull a battery and the battery lid has to be held in with tape, maybe I just received a faulty one. It’s not a perfect hydration pack but it’s far more secure than my last one

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  13. David Lunden (verified owner)

    Love to hidden pockets and the extra pockets. Two flaws. 1. The hose needs a clip so it does not bounce everywhere. 2. The cap for the actual water fill is a pain to put on and tighten. Water goes everywhere. Not impressed on this.

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  14. Robin L. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Exactly what I need – and great quality.

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  15. Peter G. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Great customer service. Even a better a better product. Tested a Freaky Deaky……fabulous

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