The Hydration Pack That Keep Phoenix Lights Partying All Night

Our Genz team took the RaveRunner prototypes out to Arizona
for Phoenix Lights, a small festival located out in the scorching hot desert. This was going
to one of the last music festivals with only a couple of RaveRunner prototypes
running around the festival grounds (we are fully launching because you guys helped smash our KickStarter campaign).

     The guys over at Rentless Beats put together Phoenix Lights, a two-day
festival filled with house music from Malaa, headbaning beats from Excision,
and unique sounds from Svdden Death, Subtronics, and many more. It’s safe to
say there was a diverse rave crowd in attendance.

     With the sun
setting on day one, we all became anxious to turn on our underglow and hitting the dancefloor. There’s
nothing better than being able to wonder around the stage and not lose your friends in the process because you can spot your friends tearing it up with a lightshow illuminating their feet. The GenZ team was the life of the party, people came up to us and simply started to dance
around the lights. With a RaveRunner, we created a dancefloor whereever we went, who wouldn’t love that? Funny enough, we ran into a gentleman that
actually rigged his own underglow on a pack. He hung a larger underglow with a
carabiner to the bottom of his pack. It was so awesome to see someone have the
same general idea as our underglow. We approached him and he thought the way
we made underglow system was super convenient. After our conversation, we
all combined our underglows to have a giant party circle, hard-core dancing ensued.

     This weekend our
objective was to get a ton of good marketing content because you guys have been wanting to see more of the pack in action. Staying charged was our
number one priority all night. Thankfully, we came prepared with solar panel
chargers on each RaveRunner. With our power
banks charged by the sun all day, were able to re-charge our phones
and GoPro’s without having to go sit at a charging station and miss a single act.

     Throughout our
time at the festival we heard about way too many phones being stolen. One guy
we met dropped his phone out of his pocket without noticing just minutes before
we even talked to him. Another girl left her phone in a port-a-pot. Luckily, it
showed up at the lost and found. These are all problems that could be prevented
if they had a RaveRunner! Although we were bummed to hear about people’s
unfortunate events, we were happy to be one step closer to solving their

     We met a couple
people who backed our Kickstarter and it felt SUPER COOL. Cody, one of our
early backers, was so amped to have met the people behind the mission. I think
we were even more excited to have met him. A multitude of other people came up
to us mentioning that they saw our ads. This was reassuring to know our
marketing was working.

     Overall, our
weekend was stellar. We were all super productive, yet still partied hard. How
else would you want to live life?!

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