The Top 50 EDM sets for Running and Lifting

21 year old ultra-runner Ryan Lange and IFBB Jake Burton know a thing or two about fitness. Ryan is the youngest to run 200 consectutive miles and Jake is a renowed IFBB competitor. They spend hours on their fitness and listen to hours of music to help motivate them while in the gym. Here are thier 50 top recommended sets to get you through your work out. 

The top 25 Electronic Dance Music sets for Running

By Ryan Lange | Elite Ultra-Marathon Runner

25.) Something MOORE – Maslaf

Genres: House, Future House, Rap Remix.

This mix is great if you want some hard housey beats with some rap mixed in.

Artists include: DJ Snake, Jauz, Travis Scott.

24.) Emkay Live (April 2017) – Emkay VIP

Genres: Mainstream EDM, Sign-a-long EDM, Big Room House, Rap, Rap remixes.

This is perfect crowd pleaser material, If you like words and lyrics to your music this is all you.

Artists include: Chainsmokers, Martix Garrix, Future.

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23.) Ephwurd: Escape MainStage Debut (Halloween 2015) – Ephwurd

Genres: Rage House, Future House, Bass House.

An oldy but a FRIGGEN GEM. Ephwurd defines what hard house is. They provide sounds that you will make you want to step to the beat at.

Artists include Dog Blood, Knife Party, Jauz.

22.) R3hab – Escape Halloween Psycho Circus 2017

Genres: Mainstream ED, deep house, Tech House, Big Room house.

This is one of my favorite “mainstream sets” of all time. I wish R3hab still performed, because I would be going to the next festival he was playing at.

Artists include W&W, VINAI, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Oasis, Ed Sheeran, David Guetta.

21.) Spinning Records Summer Day Mix 2018

Genres: House, Deep House, Tech House.

If you are running at the beach this is perfect. It will keep your mind spinning on ideas and help you envision how you plan on partying later that day after you finish crushing this run.

Artists include EDX, Oliver Heldens, Tiesto, Don Diablo.

20.) Spinnin Records Summer Night Mix 2017

Genres: House, Deep House, Tech House.

This mix is the same style as the summer day mix, but it ads a little bit more of club vibe and goes a tad bit harder.

Artists include Quintino, Jay Hardway, Henry Fong, Bassjackers.

19.) Exchange 7/28/2018 – Brkndrmr

Genres: Mainstream, Tech House, Headbanger, Pop.

This is a great all-around set that will keep your heart rate up at all times.

Artists include Marshmello, Knife Party, Avicii, Flux Pavillion.

18.) Rebirth Summer Vibes Live Set – Rebirth Official

Genres: Punk House, Headbanger, Future House.

I found this mix and automatically put it on my weekly loop. It has some dance tunes with some headbangers that will make you grit your teeth and keep moving forward.

Artists include: Kayzo, Herobust, Pegboard Nerds.

17.) Flosstradamus X 4B Live @ Spring Awakening Music Festival – Carl Graham

Genres : Hard House, Headbanger, Trap.

This set is sure to keep you moving in typical 4B and Floss style. Some high frequency beats that may actually force you to turn the volume down.

Artists include Boombox Cartel, Trampa, Eptic, Lil Jon.

16.) Hardwell – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2018, Miami – Chipch

Genres: Big Room House, Deep House, Future House.

This set is a good switch up from the hard and heavy beats I tend to listen to. Hardwell’s BPM will want you to keep a fast pace cadence that will push you through those final tough miles in the summer heat.

Artist Include: VINAI, Chuckie, 4B, R3HAB.

15.) The Afters Vol. 1 – Cousin Vinny

Genres: House, Hard House, Disco, Tech House

This set gives you every bit of house music you need from all the big names on the scene. The perfect set for a nice casual run aimed to keep a consistent heart rate.

Artists Include: Wax Motif, Chris Lake, Fisher.

14.) Ephwurd Presents Eph’d Up Radio #045 (Axel Boy Guest Mix)

Genres: Future House, Rage House.

This is one of those sets that came up on my “more of what you like” SoundCloud recommendations, boy, were they spot on. Axel Boy throws down and plants some ID’s in this set that I still cannot find anywhere.

Artists Include: Habstrakt, Holy Goof, Chocolate Puma, Example, Jauz.

13.) Tchami – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2019 – EDM Family Ultra 2019 Sets

Genres: Deep House, Rage House, Tech House.

It took me so long to find this set. It was one of the best sets from Ultra 2019 in my opinion. That may be biased because it was the sunset set, and I saw it live. After one listen, I think you may agree.

Artists Include:  DJ Snake, Dombresky, Anna Lunoe, Born Dirty.

12.) Wuki B2B Nitti Gritti (Live Set) – Brownies and Lemonade

Genres: Mainstream, Headbanger, Future House, Riddim.

This set has a taste of absolutely everything. Plenty of it all, yet not enough of everything. Every drop will make you more curious for what’s coming next. These are the kind of sets that I find to take my mind off of the pain.

Artists Include: 4B, Svdden Death, Snails, GTA, Flux Pavillion, Chris Lake, Kanye West.

11.) Mike Cervello – Get Cerved Vol. 1 2018-12-21 – Mike Cervello

Genres: Tech House, Big Room House, Future House.

MIKE, PLEASE MAKE MORE SETS LIKE THIS. I found this set and have been craving for him to make another ever since. Let’s all DM him on Insta and see what happens. You’ll understand my craving after you pump out three miles to this slapper.

Artists Include: Hardwell, Gammer, Moksi, Tchami, Yellow Claw.


Genres: Trap, Dubstep, Future House, Riddim.

The name of this speaks for itself, you will hear some sounds and remix’s that I promise you are yet to hear anywhere else. Grit your teeth because finishing strong won’t be a problem with this set on blast.

Artist Include:  Space Jesus, Moksi, Riot Ten, Chris Lake.

9.) Afrojack @ ULTRA 2019 – Random Shoit

Genres: Mainstream, Big Room House, Future House, Trap.

I am not a mainstream guy, but this set is insanity. Afrojack certainly went harder than his usual sets and I was all about it. Afrojack shows us that it seems as if “hard” is becoming the new mainstream.

Artist Include: Showtek, Skrillex, Mighty Fools, Drake, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, JoyRyde.

8.) Lost Kings Ultra 2019 – Lost Kings

Genres: Trap, Dubstep, Melodic House, Headbanger.

Lost Kings does an awesome job of including plenty of lyrics in their sets that transition into heavy unexpected drops. This set allows your mind to travel and then zone back into each drop as you find yourself in need for that extra bump of motivation.

Artists include: Trampa, Herobust, Empire of the Sun, Queen, Post Malone, Nitti Gritti.

7.) Crankdat – Diplo & Friends Mix – Crankdat

Genres: Trap, Rap Remix’s, Dubstep, Future House.

This is one of the most interesting sets I have found to date. Christian Smith is so underrated. If you are sick of the same old sounds, turn on this set and you will hear ID after ID after ID….

Artists Include: Jauz, Marshmello, Kayzo, Gammer, AFK, Mercer, Zomboy.

6.) Tiesto – EDC Las Vegas 2019 – EDC Las Vegas 2019 Part 1

Genres: Big Room House, Progressive House, Electro House.

Holy moly, this may have been the best set I have ever seen live. SPOLIER: Tiesto brings out JAUZ. Nothing but high energy beats, big drops, and of course songs that you haven’t heard but will soon be played everywhere for the remainder of festival season…because Tiesto is an First-Team All-American Trend Setter….

Artists Include: Avicii, Sikdope, Brohug, DV&LM, Bassjackers, Meek Mill.

5.) DJ Snake @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018

Genres: Future House, Bass House, Headbanger, Mainstream, Pop.

This one will knock your socks off. No need for coffee if you plan on using this for a morning run. Snake crushes it with insane sounds and smooths you out mid-run with some pop hits.

Artists Include: Bro Safari, Major Lazor, Skrillex, Mercer, Zedd.

4.) Jauz Ultra Miami 2018 (Full Set) – Sharkmello (^^^)[X_X]

Genres: Future House, Base House, Trap, Dubstep, Headbanger.

I’ve never danced harder to a set than this. Jauz absolutely crushes it with danceable music for the first half hour and then turns the headbanger switch on with some seriously heavy drops. You’ll PR you next training run with this set, guaranteed.

Artists Include: Eptic, Must Die!, MK, DJ Snake, Holy Goof, Adventure Club.

3.) Illenium HQ BETA NIGHTCLUB 2019 (Closing Show Set) – Red Comet VIP

Genres: Dubstep, Headbanger.

I still cannot describe Illenium’s sets into words. All I know is he puts me in the feels and then hypes me up into insane drops. I am not sure how this is just a nightclub set, He plays sounds I have never heard him play before, and I think I’ve seen him 6 times now.

Artists include:  Excision, Flume, Virtual Riot, Space Laces, Spag Heddy, Seven Lions.

2.) Marshmello – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2019 (Miami)– EDM FAMILY Ultra 2019 Live Sets

Genres: Everything.

Say what you want about Marshmello, but he knows how to mix everything from headbanger to deep house, to pop hits, and he keeps it interesting. Everything you want to hear and more comes in this hour and fifteen minute set. You’ll log an extra mile or two without even noticing.

Artists Include: Slander, Chris Lake, Crankdat, Green Velvet, Gammer, Nitti Gritti.

1.) SLANDER @ EDC LAS VEGAS 2019 – Slander

Genres: Headbanger, Dubstep, Bass House, Trap.

Lace up extra tight as you may end up running through a wall on this one. Slander goes HARDER THAN EVER with this set. They toss in some trap and rap remix’s to keep it interesting too. You may pinch a nerve in your neck if you are not careful. Listen with caution.

Artists Include: Wavedash, Zomboy, Wooli, Spag Heddy, Barley Alive, Midnight T.

BONUS BANGER – KAYZO @ EDC Las Vegas 2019 – Yeck 2

Genres: Punk House, Punk Rock, Future House, Headbanger, Dubstep.

I have never had more fun listening to a set ever in my life. Listen closely about 10 minutes in and you’ll hear Kayzo call out his haters on twitter claiming that “he doesn’t go as hard as he used to,” this pissed Kayzo off and it shows in the set.

Artists Include:  Gammer, Papa Roach, Angerfist, Sulllivan King, Knife Party.

The top 25 EDM sets for lifting

By Jake Burton | IFBB Professional

25.) Hype or Die mix Vol. 3 – Riot Ten VIP

Genres: Dubstep, Riddim, Headbanger.

Slap on an extra 5 lbs. on each side of that barbell. Your biceps will be begging you to stop with these beats provided by one of the best in the business at hard drops…

Artists Include: Trampa, AFk, Excision, Space Laces.


Genres: Hardstyle, Trap, Dubstep.

Some hardstyle beats that will keep you moving fast between sets. Geo packs this set with some talented transitions and some hard trance as well. He mix’s oldies into new bangers in ways that make you can’t help but drop your jaw.

Artists Include: Skrillex, Sheck West, Tiesto.

23.) CHEF SPECIALS 06: SAYMYNAME Live @ Hard Summer 2017

Genres: Trap, Dubstep, Future House.

You think SAYMYNAME brings the heat to his sets? Yeah, this one still tops them all. Leg day, arm day, chest day, forearm arm, whatever day it is. You are guaranteed a bigger, better pump with these fast pace switch-ups and heavy drops.

Artists Include: Yellow Claw, GTA, Flosstradamus, Carnage, Slander.

22.) Ben Nicky Xtreme Live @ EDC Las Vegas 2019 – BenNicky

Genres: Hardstyle, Trance.

Ben Nicky will keep you moving no matter what your mood is. A constant BPM with plenty of tunes that I have never heard. Perfect for a high rep, low weight kind of day with cardio.

Artists Include: Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Showtek, Green Day, Dj Snake.

21.) Headhunterz & Technoboy & The Prophet @ Defqon.1 2016 Red

Genres: Hardstyle, Tech House.

Some classic hardstyle beats from one of the best hardstyle artists out there. These guys know how to work the crowd, which transitions well to headphone while at the gym.

Artists Include: Vini Vici, Proppy and Heady, Project One.

20.) ZOMBOY – UKF On Air x Never Say Die (Ghost Remake) – Ghost

Genres: Dubstep, Riddim, Headbanger.

Have you been struggling to find a good Zomboy liveset on Soundcloud? Yeah, well, your search is over. It’s 9PM and I am beat, but this set is making me want to snort some C4 and hit chest day round 2.

Artists Include: Excision, Space Laces, Svdden Death, Dirty Audio, Desiigner.

19.) HYPE OR DIE! Mix Vol 1 – Riot Ten VIP

Genres: Dubstep, Headbanger, Riddim.

Riot Ten is probably the most underrated dubstep producer/DJ out there right now. He brings the energy and the emotion to his sets that you can feel through the music. A truly passionate beat maker.

Artists Include: Kill the Noise, Wavedash, Wooli, AFK, Phase One.

18.) Angerfist & Miss K8 – Live at Masters of Hardcore – Empire of Eternity 2014

Genres: Hardstyle.

An OG hardstyle set for the OG hardstyle fans. You’ll finish your workout in record time and be left wanting to lift more with the energy Angerfist brings to the table.

Artist Include: Noize Suppressor, Miss K8, Eva Simons.

17.) LOST LANDS 2018 HYPE MIX – Antzy

Genres: Dubstep, Riddim.

Simply put, this is the best dubstep songs of 2018 put into 1 set, I don’t need to explain anything more.

Artists Include: Excision, Riot Ten, AFK, Trampa, Subtronics.

16.) Masters of Hardcore – Tournament of Tyrants | Souls of Savate | Maissouille vs. Radium

Genres: Hardstyle.

A classic hardstyle set that seems to have the BPM cranked up more than usual. Plenty of reverse base in this set as well.

Artists Include: D-Fense, Angerfist, Neophyte.

15.) Evil Activities presents: Extreme Audio (Episode 65 – 2017 Yearmix)

Genres: Hardstyle.

Evil is the theme here. You’ll walk around the gym looking and feeling pissed off. Your confidence will be boosted as you look into the mirror to discover sick pump with the help of this set. Yearmix’s never disappoint and this one follows suit.

Artists Include: Darksiderz, DJ Mad Dog, Daft Punk.

14.) Never Say Die Vol. 6 (Mix) – SkisM

Genres: Headbanger, Riddim, Dubstep.

Holy headbanger, this set has all the go to head smacking songs with a couple of hidden gems I have never heard of before. Love this set, as it sticks out from most other headbanger sets.

Artists Include: Trampa, Zomboy, Ray Volpe, Bro Safari.

13.) strictly bangers: road to edc – Kevo

Genres: Headbanger, Dubstep, Riddim, future House.

My buddy sent me this set saying it had “very unexpected switch-ups,” he was not wrong. You’ll catch yourself saying “OHHH!” while the grandpa benching the bar next to you will look at you in disgust.

Artists include: Trampa, Illenium, 4B, NGHTMRE.

12.) Chapas Mix Vol. 3

Genres: Dubsteap, Future House, Bass House.

Well explained as one of the best, most diverse mixes I’ve heard in a long time, OG bangers and new bangers coming together. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

Artists Include: DJ Snake, Slander, Seven Lions, Kayzo.

11.) Zeds Dead – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2019

Genres: Dubstep, Bass House, Future House, Drum’n’Bass.

Have you ever heard a bad Zeds Dead set? Their Ultra set is loaded with all of their bangers. They even bring a little special guest out in the beginning who will be sure to hype you up for your workout.

Artists Include:  Jauz, Borgore, Ganja White Knight, Bro Safari, Valentino Khan.

10.) Riot Ten – Metronome Mix #107 – Riot Ten VIP

Genres: Headbanger, Dubstep.

Riot Ten spins it a little differently with his mix’s vs. his sets. His sets are harder, heavier, and a tad slower paced. With this mix especially, he works to keep the BPM up and has some awesome mashups.

Artists Include: Sullivan King, Wookie, Wavedash, Flosstradamus.

9.) WAVEDASH – Diplo & Friends Mix

Genres: Bass House, Headbanger, Dubstep.

Wavedash is the creator behind many of the sounds you hear headliner DJ’s like Slander play. If I didn’t tell you this is Wavedash, you would easily mistake it for a Riot Ten liveset.

Artists Include: Slander, Riot Ten, NGHTMRE.

8.) Never Say Die Vol 72 – Mixed by Eptic

Genres: Riddim, Headbanger, Dubstep.

Woah. You’ll be searching the next time eptic plays in your area after this set. A constant flow of iron lifting beats is exactly what you’d need on an early morning Monday list.

Artists Include:  Zomboy, Snails, Zaxx, MUST DIE!


Genres: Riddim, Dubstep, Headbanger.

These two dudes went HARD and you can feel it. This is non stop headbanger… personally, it is my go-to for a Friday afternoon lift.

Artists Include: Marshmello, Ray Volpe, Tokyo Machine, Space Laces, MUST DIE!

6.) Excision – Lost Lands 2018 Mix

Genres: Dubstep, Headbanger.

Strap in for this….

Artists Include: Illenium, Slander, UBUR, Eptic, Svdden Death.


Genres: Future House, Headbanger, Bass House, Dubstep.

This set has everything you need and then some more. I think it was some no name DJ that put this together. Nonetheless, it is absolute FIRE!

Artists Include: Skrillex, Zomboy, Slander, Getter.

4.) Zomboy – Live @ Summerset 8/12/17 MIX

Genres: Dubstep, Headbanger.

It’s funny the closer we get to the number 1 spot on this list, the more Zomboy shows up. This is done for a reason, the reason being he makes you want to run through a wall….

Artists Include: EPtic, Ray Volpe, Excision.

3.) Hype Or Die Mix Vol. 4

Genres: Dubstep.

With every Hype Or Die Mix, Riot Ten just gets better and better.

Artists Include, Slander, Illenium, Ray Volpe.

2.) Illenium – Live Lost Lands 2018

Genres: Dubstep, Headbanger.

Just turn it on and start lifting.

Artists include:  Excision, Slander, Flume, Kaskade.


Genres: Riddim, Headbanger.

If you have never listened to a Svdden Death set, you are in for some entertainment, and headbanging. His songs are being played by everyone. While Svdden Death specializes in insane wonky drops, He also screams some of the weirdest phrases into the mic that make you feel like you’re at the set with him.

Artists Include: AFK,Trampa, Midnight T, Snails.

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