What to keep in your hydration pack while at a festival

Festival season has begun. Who’s excited? Some of my most memorable life experiences came while I was on festival grounds. With the amount of money, time, and effort we spend to get to a festival it is important to come prepared. Water bottles are an annoyance and can be super expensive. Most festivals don’t allow anything more than a small hydration pack, so we need to maximize the usability of the small compartment that we will have on our backs. In order to have the best stay hydrated, remain a minimalist, and have the best festival experience, here are the top 8 things we recommend to keep in your hydration pack.

1.) Gum

How many times do you ask someone for gum at a music festival? More importantly, how many times has someone asked you? We recommend having one pack for each day as some festivals only let you bring in unopened packs. You’ll be surprised by the amount of friends you make when you are the gum guru. Karma will circle its way back around and help you out when you need it too.

2.) Sunglasses

With the exception of music festivals like EDC, most events have performances during the daytime. Having a pair of hater blockers is important especially if the sun is right above the stage. Don’t bring anything too expensive though. Even with an anti-theft RaveRunner Hydration pack, sunglasses can still get shmushed and maybe even bent while storing them in your pack.

3.) Charging cable+ Solar Charger

If you have a RaveRunner, you’ll be able to attach a solar panel charger to the top of your hydration pack. This will really maximize your festival experience because you won’t have to worry about running out of charge to find your friends or call for a ride home. How can you afford to miss the perfect snapchat opportunity of your favorite headliner who doesn’t come on until 1AM?

4.) Mini Fan/Water Spritzer

To stay hydrated is one thing, but staying cool is a whole other monster. This will come in CLUTCH when you’re packed in the front and it begins to get really hot. We recommend this cheap guy found on amazon. You can also buy one that plugs directly into your phone if you want something even smaller.

5.) Diffraction or Kaleidoscope Glasses

You think people will like you when you give them gum at a music festival?! Let them test out your glasses from our friends over at GloFX. These glasses will make the light show 10x better and they will fit perfectly in the chest pockets of your RaveRunner hydration pack.

6.) Anti-Chafe Balm

Blisters on your heels? Chaffing legs? Nothing can ruin your festival experience more than a blister. Come prepared this festival season with a small container of Squirrels Nut Butter. We use this stuff for ultramarathons and it lasts for 100’s of miles.


A hydration pack is not big at all, so you need to pack some calories in smaller foods. Protein bars with nut butters are a great option. They fit perfectly in the side panel pockets of your RaveRunner hydration pack. In our other article we highlighted how nutrition could make or break your music festival experience, so make sure you put some thought in on snacks before you go in.

PRO TIP: Get the nature value sweet and salty bars. Packed with energy and salt to replace those electrolytes!

8.) Vick’s Vapor Sniffer/Boom Boom

This little tube of delight is amazing. Sniff it through your nose and it will revitalize and re-energize your immediately. PRO TIP: You can buy Vicks with little keychains on them so you don’t have to worry about dropping it! The RaveRunner Hydration pack has the perfect loop to attach it to.

BONUS!: Arm Slinky

This small toy may look childish, but it is actually on of the most outrageous things to play with at a festival. You can slinky onto other people’s arms, dance around and then slinky back to another person. I have made some great friendships just by going up and offering some slinky action to a random festival goer. It gives you to ability to put off some good vibes, which is what we all aim to do right?

Now you’re SET!

All of these items can be easily stashed in your RaveRunner Hydration Pack and still give you room for some more items. You could even divvy up the items to different people within the squad. For us, we always have one person designated to toys, one person with the medical items, and one person with the snacks.  Staying hydrated is important, ditch the water bottles and come prepared with a few of these items in your hydration pack, we guarantee you’ll have a better music festival experience.

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