5 Tips to Stop Festival Theft

EDC Orlando just ended this festival season with a bang. There were some historic sets, torrential downpours, and good times to be had. Unfortunately, there were also too many people like this guy, Carlos, measling their way around the festival grounds.

Theft continues to be an aggravating problem that has plagued festival ground for years. We know we can get rid of these thieves eventually, but it won’t happen without our community fighting back. The first step in guarding yourself, and others, against thieves, is to simply become aware that they are out there and actively looking to reach into your pack, pockets, or whatever thieves can easily open and get into. These people often dress just like fellow festival-goers, but their tone and attitude are dead giveaways. When you spot someone with a stern face constantly scanning the crowd, you know something is off. We also follow the rule of “vibes speak louder than words,” you can feel when someone’s energy or intentions are off. With that being said, here are 5 ways to stop festival theft:

1.) Wear a RaveRunner

Our number one recommendation will always be, bring along a RaveRunner! We built the backpack with your safety in mind. The chest pockets and hidden pockets will serve you well along with the inverted zipper to the main compartment! We don’t need to sit here and play salesman, but we made this because we want you to live with peace-of-mind.


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2.) Wear clothes with zippered pockets

Your first course of action to stop festival theft will be to wear clothes with zipper pockets. Companies like Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon, and the like all make shorts that have “invisible” zipper pockets. This will help stop your phone from bouncing out of your pocket while dancing as well. We know not everybody will be wearing shorts. In that case, get a phone case necklace. This strategy will always keep your phone in front of you!

3.) Utilize the lockers

Another easy way to avoid theft is to utilize the lockers! Not many people use these enough. If you have a small camera or battery to charge your phone, go rent a locker. You will be able to party with peace-of-mind knowing that your valuables are locked up. All we ask is to PLEASE remember the code to get back into your locker. DO NOT rely on putting it into your phone. Your phone is an item that can be lost. Ask the attendant for a pen and write it on the back of your hand. It’s impossible to lose your hand, usually…

4.) Designate one person to hold valuables

Have one person in your group hold the valuables and make sure it is all secure. This may sound annoying at first, but we are huge advocates for “living in the moment,” here at GenZ. You are not going to need your camera at all times. If you are with your friends, you won’t need to text them. Most of the time, cell service is nonexistent at festivals. That’s just another reason not to have your phone. It may sound a little risky giving one person everything, but if you guard them like you are playing capture the flag back in 5th grade, you should be A-okay.

5.) Be strategic

Just watch out for each other. We usually have the tallest member of our squad standing in the back of us. He becomes almost like a watchdog without having to really take his eyes off the stage. More often, we are seeing videos of thieves being caught in their actions at events. This is due to people catching onto their antics! Watch each other’s backs and just be aware that there are people out there that on trying to steal from you.

Festivals are our playground, but on our playground there are bullies. The only way to stand up to those bullies is to use the tools that exist and watch out for each other. Have fun out there, but stay safe!

RaveRunners, OUT!

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