Drive-In Concerts: What to Expect & What to bring.

Drive-In concerts have begun to pop up all of the US. With Covid-19 taking away any and all fun, promoters have figure out how to create socially distant events. Let’s give all promoters in the US two claps for bringing us just a taste of what the usual summer festival season feels like.

*clap clap*

The RaveRunner’s drove to Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA to go see Subtronics. We had a blast but were unsure of how to be prepared for a drive-in concert. Who has ever thought these would be a thing?

In this post, we will break down what to expect at a drive-in concert, what you will need, and how to stay protected while there.

What to bring:

1.) Speaker with FM connectivity

At the drive-in concert, we went to, the production team took over a radio station and you were able to play the music in your car. While sitting in your car was great, you couldn’t hear it is you wanted to get out and dance. Sure, this sounds pretty hi-tech, but it’s not. Amazon has plenty of options from a small $40 speaker to a large $130 speaker. Check the Bluetooth speakers that you already own. You may be surprised to find that you already have a speaker with FM radio connectivity

2.) Chair and table to section off your area

It is inevitable, there will be people that do not abide by the social distancing rules. We cannot stop them….BUT we can protect ourselves.  What we did was line the perimeter of our 30ft x 10ft area with chairs and tables.  Nobody was able to breach our area and enter our dance floor! It was great and kept the angst of being there to a minimum.

3.) Your own snacks and drinks

The promoters said that you are not able to bring in ANY outdoor snacks and drinks. They stated that food could be purchased there. Reluctantly, we said, “screw that,” and snuck in some precious chips and White Claws. They were selling food and drinks there, but you had to wait for people to bring it to you… We never ordered anything but when I walked over to see what was happening at the food tent and go to the bathroom, I heard someone say they were out of food and there were over 200 drinks lined up on a table ready to go out and be served. None of it looked like it was going well.

Don’t listen to them….sneak in your snacks…..

4.) Truck with a bed

This may be tough to come by and that is understandable, if you have a friend with a truck ask them if they can drive and everyone else pays for gas. Being up high with the elevation of a truck bed was perfect for seeing the full stage.

5.) Truck with an outlet in the bed

Okay, we are aware that we are really stretching it here. This came in the clutch because we were able to plug in out lights without a generator going. Additionally, we were able to charge the speaker if needed.

What we wish we had:

1.) Inflatable Couch

We saw someone with this and, WOW, did they look comfy.

2.) More Snacks

This is self-explanatory…

What we had but didn't need:

1.) Lasers

2.) Black Light

3.) Canopy

If it was raining, maybe a canopy would have been a hard need. Nonetheless, it was nice to have some lights hanging out to make the show feel more like the real deal!

Overall, we had a blast. Hopefully, this post is able to give you a reasonable understanding of what to expect. The biggest concern I would have is wearing your mask and keeping your distance from others. This will not only help you stay safe, but it will minimize any health concerns that may shut down drive-in concerts in the future!

Stay safe, and have fun!

The RaveRunners


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