Hydration Pack Hack – Flavor With Out The Mess

Trying to add some flavor to your hydration pack? Yeah, we are too. The whole team at GenZ can admit that we have tried to pour sports drinks into our hydration bladder to be left with a stick messy afterward (if you have done this too, keep an eye out for our how to clean a hydration bladder tutorial).

If only there was a solution that you could hook up to you RaveRunner that satisfied your taste buds and didn’t cause a sticky finger situation. Nothing is worse than having a pack with tricked out upgrades and a sticky hydration bladder.

Add Flavor To Your Pack

Our good friends at Infuze have come to the rescue with a must-have addition to any hydration pack! The Infuze Hydro is a patented device that allows you to customize the flavor of your hydration pack without the aftermath of cleaning all those sticky sports drinks and flavor enhancers out of your $100 packs.

The InFuze Hydroh

Ryan Lange, President of GenZ, is an avid ultra runner who is the youngest to runner 200 consective miles in the Moab 200. Ryan has put a few of the InFuze Hydro’s through real life testing, both at festivals and on these long endurance runs.

We love the durability of these guys. They have lasted hundreds of miles running and hours of headbanging at the main stage. Not once failing during their testing. Our favorite feature is the adjustable flavor intensity, a simple wheel turn increases the flavor or cuts back to pure water. And they work with any liquid flavor enhancer!

But what about that sticky nightmare we talked about earlier? The team at InFuze developed a backflow system that keeps the flavor flowing only into your mouth keeping your reservoir filled with clean water. Yes, that is right, you strap this little guy to your mouthpiece and you get flavor without the mess. No more needing to clean your reservoir just because you want some orange drank.

The InFuze Hydro retails for $44.95. Click here to purchase one now. Keep an eye out for our upcoming giveaway where we will be giving out two InFuze Hydros!

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